Beauty Trends: Makeup, Hair, and Skincare Looks Ruling the Fashion Scene

The fashion world is abuzz with the latest trends in beauty, and it’s no secret that makeup, hair, and skincare looks have taken center stage. From hairstyles that prove to be statement-making to makeup looks that make it seem like you have the skills of a pro artist, it’s no wonder these trends are front and center in our beauty culture. Keep reading to find out what trends are ruling the fashion scene and how you can make them your own.
Beauty Trends: Makeup, Hair, and Skincare Looks Ruling the Fashion Scene

1. Beauty as the Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Beauty is often the cherry on top of any fashion statement—the extra glimmer and sprinkle of glamour completing a well-styled ensemble. And these days, beauty is increasingly becoming an important component of any outfit. From a light summer sun-kissed look, to winter nights full of glitz and glitter, anyone can flaunt their own individual style with beauty as their ultimate fashion accessory.


  • Choose with Confidence. Find the perfect foundation, color palette, and lip shade that expresses your individual style and personality.
  • Stay Trendy. Use trends as an opportunity to find what looks good on you and enhance certain features.
  • Be Innovative. Test out different shades, textures or looks to turn heads.


  • Experiment With Texture. Play around with color and create interesting patterns with subtle highlights.
  • Try Out Accessories. Add an accessory to stand out and enhance your look.
  • Kick it up a Notch. Curl, crimp or straighten your locks to create the perfect texture and create your signature style.

Beauty will always remain at the forefront of fashion as a way to express your individual style. With the right makeup and hair accessories, your wardrobe will be complete, and you’ll always be fashionably on point.

2. Makeup Looks That Wow

Fashion and beauty go together like an immaculate pair of Manolos and a bodycon dress. If the clothes and accessories take your look to the next level, then makeup is the answer to pep up your style and make it downright mesmerizing. Makeup is an easy yet effective way to boost your confidence and glam up your style with a few simple tricks. Here are our top picks for :

  • Smokey Eyes: A smoky eye look can turn heads with its ultra seductive, sultry gaze. Start by applying a thick layer of eyeshadow in a deep, dark shade of your choice. Smudge it out with a blending brush to create an ombre effect. Then, apply a black eyeliner to define the eyeshadow’s edges and black mascara for an added intensity.
  • Coral Flush: Adding a vibrant warmth to your face is made simple with coral blush. Start by dusting your cheeks with a few swipes of coral blush for a subtle but warm look. You can also apply a few dots of highlighter on your cheekbones for a more glamorous take on the look.
  • Nude Lips: Pull off a timeless look that looks oh-so-chic with nude lips. Start by prepping your lips with a touch of lip balm and line the edges with a nude or brown lip pencil. Finally, apply a peachy nudes lipstick for a classic look that you won’t regret.

No matter your style, makeup is the secret weapon to amp up your look and make your wardrobe shine. Whether you’re going for a classic glamour look or something a bit more daring, these makeup looks will deliver your desired effect.

3. Bold Braid Ideas to Perfect Your Hairstyle

Bold and daring braid hairstyles are the perfect accent to compliment your effortless style. Whether you’re attending casual brunches or intense fitness classes, a braid will complete your beauty and provide you with a stylish finish. Here are 3 :

  • The Half-Up Crown Braid
    Style up any look with this chic hairdo. Perfect for all hair lengths, you can start the braid from the sides or the centre. To create a thick and braided crown, make sure to keep your hair tightly twisted. If you want to dazzle your braid more, add colourful ribbons or snazzy beads. To get the most of the half-up crown braid, pair it with a bright lipstick shade.
  • The Fishtail Braid
    With the right steps, you can easily pull off the fishtail braid. Use a smaller strand to separate the hair. Then, divide the strands into two sections and start plaiting your hair. Keep repeating the steps until you create an elegant and intricate pattern. Whether it’s a sleek fishtail or a loose one, this braid always looks amazing.
  • The French Braid
    The French braid is a timeless style that can be worn anywhere and anytime. This timeless look can be created by brushing the hair before starting the plaiting. If you’re going for a traditional French braid start from the front and keep adding the sections vertically. You can even mix French braid with other hairstyles to create attractive and unique styles.

Integrate these bold braids into your hairstyling routine to rock any style with confidence. You can even experiment with these braids and find a completely new look for yourself.

We’re two months into the year, and it’s time to check in on the skincare trends that are setting 2019 alight. So far, this year has welcomed lots of plant-based ingredients and home-grown solutions that tickle the fancy of skincare enthusiasts.

Here are the 4 hottest trends of 2019 —

  • Skincare tech: Robots are now used to microneedle skin and precisely target problem-areas. This revolutionary technology is fast becoming a go-to for deep skin rejuvenation.
  • CBD essentials: Unsurprisingly, one of the buzziest ingredients – from lotions to baths and makeup – in the beauty world right now is cannabis-derived CBD.
  • Algae Powered Skin: Algaes, seaweeds and plants from the ocean are high in antioxidants and mineral salts that help soothe inflamed skin. 2019 is all about tapping into the potent power of algae-based skincare.
  • Clean Beauty: The focus on environmentally friendly ingredients is showing no signs of slowing down. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the products they’re using, and companies are switching to natural ingredients free of toxins and irritants.

These trends indicate that people are paying closer attention to what they are applying to their skin and want to make a conscious effort to include natural ingredients. So whether you’re fighting wrinkles or just want to up your self-care game, 2019 has plenty to offer.

Thanks for reading our guide to the top fashion trends for 2020! From bold and daring makeup trends to sleek and shiny haircuts, there’s something for everyone to try out this season. So stay creative and embrace the changing beauty fads with confidence and style. Let’s make this summer one to remember – rock the beauty trends of 2020.


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