Exclusive Interview: Industry Insider Reveals Fashion Trends for the Season

Fashion trends come and go, that’s no secret. But what is it that dictates these changes and who really knows what’s up and coming in the world of fashion? Well, now readers can find out with this exclusive interview with an industry insider who is disclosing the new trends of the season! Knowing this insider knowledge will help readers feel one step ahead in the ever-changing fashion game.
Exclusive Interview: Industry Insider Reveals Fashion Trends for the Season

1. Decoding the Secrets of the Fashion World

From the world of clothes to the trends in the newest magazines, deciphering the enigma of the fashion world can seem like an impossible task. But with a few easy steps, you can unravel the mystery and bring your style into 2021 and beyond.

  • Start with the Classics: Get to know the basic pieces that have shaped fashion for decades. Look at the classic cuts, colours, and patterns that can be found in the dress selections of the past and combine them in fresh ways.
  • Look Out for the Trends: Keep an eye out for the latest seasonal releases that draw inspiration from past eras. Whether it’s the subtle twists that make the total look, or simply the hottest colours of the moment, the trends in fashion will always be changing.
  • Have Fun with Accessories: Fashion is about more than just clothes. Accessories like jewellery, shoes, bags and hats can add that extra layer of style to your wardrobe.

The fashion world can be intimidating, but an understanding of how to interpret and choose clothing can help you to achieve your desired look. Whether you’re following the trends or simply exploring the world of fashion as a creative outlet, the possibilities are endless.

2. An Inside Look at the Latest Styles

Fashion lovers, get ready for some real looks. As the runways shape the next season’s trends, here are some of the latest style statements to watch out for.


  • Mix-and-match of polka dots, florals, stripes, and animal prints
  • Layering through multiple print textures
  • Artful asymmetric prints from neck to toe

Brights are what inject the fun factor right now. Many of the season’s leading designers are embracing fiery reds against bright yellows that bring a summery feel whatever the season. Layer bright styles together for an added splash of colour.


  • Exaggerated puff sleeves
  • Voluminous skirts and dresses
  • Sharp shoulders and angular ruffles

Bold is what will make you stand out this season. Update classic looks like trench coats, leather jackets, and jeans with vibrant textures, ultra wide-leg trousers, as well as ‘80s-inspired animal prints.

If you stay in the know about the latest fashion and beauty trends, it’s essential to have one go-to expert source. Whether it’s a trusted online magazine or a savvy influencer, connect with an authority on the newest looks and style tips.

Start by finding a source that resonates with you. Are they knowledgeable about classic looks or modern trends? Do they focus more on the practical, day-to-day advice or special occasions? Do you want someone who sticks with a particular genre or color palette, or someone who experiments without boundaries? Consider what aesthetics thread your personal style together, then go out and find it.

  • Subscribe & Follow. Get updates from your source. Consider their trade secrets worth following.
  • Be Open. When experimenting, don’t be afraid to deviate from your usual looks. Try something new, under the tutelage of your expert.
  • Read the Reviews. As you cultivate your personal style, be sure to read up on product reviews from the source.

By having a savvy source who specializes in trendsetting and product reviews, you can trust their selection of looks and advice. Go forth and hit the stores with confidence, stylishly equipped to shine this season.

4. Uncover the Must-Have Styles for the Season

Styles are always changing and this season is no different. This season is the time for you to embrace something new and experiment with your looks. Here are the must-have styles for the season:

  • Comfy but Chic – Comfort meets fashion in the best of both worlds, perfect for any event or activity.
  • Print Everything – From slots of florals and animal prints to checkered patterns, nothing’s off-limits this season.
  • Power Suits – Bring confidence to life with classic monochrome two-pieces, or a clash of colors.

Create looks you love and look for quality pieces in order to ensure your style stands out. Invest in the timeless designs that will still be chic for the foreseeable future. Go bold with statement pieces like a bright-colored skirt or mid-length dress with tiered details to really show off your true style. With these must-have styles for the season, you’ll be expressing your best self in no time!

Take away: As the fashion season changes around us, the industry insider’s predictions offer a valuable insight into the hottest trends for this fall. Your fall wardrobe could be the envy of all your friends – you just need to know what styles to shop for!


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